Food Safety
Food Safety

As a Safe Quality Foods Institute SQF Level II Certified Company, Piazza Produce meets and exceeds standards established by the Global Food Safety Initiative. We provide our customers with safe, fresh, high quality foods by following detailed procedures starting with supplier evaluations and continuing through each step in the cold chain.

Piazza Produce complies with all regulatory and GFSI-benchmarked standards related to food safety. Our comprehensive food safety plan covers personal hygiene, sanitation, a documented HACCP program, facility maintenance, crisis management, food defense, a formal recall plan, food security, extensive employee training, and more.

We provide cold-chain storage security to maintain the integrity and freshness of perishable items. From pick-up to delivery, those foods remain at a consistent, monitored temperature throughout our receiving, storage, inspection, and shipping procedures. Each type of food is stored in climate-controlled areas specifically designed for the unique temperature, humidity, and ethylene-level requirements of each item.

We also have procedures in place for storing and transporting allergens separately from other food items, ensuring there is no cross-contamination.

As we strive for improvement, we continuously create, monitor, document, and evaluate our food safety policies and procedures.


All potential suppliers must go through a rigorous certification process which includes providing documentation of a functional food safety program and possible on-site inspections by our food safety personnel. Suppliers must take food safety as seriously as we do.

Food Recalls

In the events of a recall, we mobilize a team to identify which, if any, of our customers have purchased or ordered items being recalled. All customers are personally notified and the whole process is timed and documented.

Food Safety Alerts

By signing up for our Food Safety Alerts, customers receive notification of industry relevant recalls and issues.

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